Ennie McGlown Jr.

“COMMUNITY” By Ennie Ray McGlown Jr.

Community is an inherent love of self and others that compells us as creatures of habit to venture into the realities of life with the expectations of connecting and bonding with humanity at large. It was once said that “IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO PROPERLY RAISE A CHILD”,in this aspect we’re all children until we reach mental maturity. I subsribe to the belief that life is so diverse in it’s ability to be expressed through many facets; that I conclude that we all were created for the sole purpose to commune with and love one another. These two virtues (LOVE & COMMUNION) ARE THE FOUNDATION AND STRUCTURE BY WHICH COMMUNITIES ARE ESTABLISHED. The Webster Dictionary desribes community as a body of people living in the same place under the same laws. Now! I absolutely agree with this definition and I also believe that community empowers the virtues required to convey your appreciation and promotes the embracing of opportunity to be a part of something greater than self.I personally characterize community as the authentic fabric of life for which we all were created. We’re all the essential elements within the composition and nature of our communities. In conclusion, I’d like to shine my light on the nature, purpose and attributes that anchor the foundations of our communities; patience, compassion, loyalty, trust, consideration, and respect. Society/Community both are synonymous in expression, my question to you is; are you a pillar in your community? I am.


Ennie Ray McGlown Jr.
DOC #548-543

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