Keith Brooks

“Chaos Loc YouTube Music & Videos” by Keith Brooks

I will love for everyone to click onto my YouTube music links so you can listen to my songs and watch my music video. My YouTube music links are attached to all of my blogs so please support my music career by viewing my songs and watching my video. Feel free to share these songs with your family and friends. Feel free to share my YouTube music and video links on your Facebook and Instagram pages to your friends and followers. Your support is well appreciated.
You can also download the whole “Locaveli 2: I’m Reloaded” album by cliccing onto my iTunes link. My album is available on all music platforms so search for music by “Chaos Loc” and enjoy. Become a Chaos Loc fan or supporter and I will continue to feed you with new music.
My book “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” will be released thru on 4-20-18 so purchase your copy and take a trip into the life of Chaos Loc in 3D. This book is a must have so place your order now. At this present time, I am writing my second book called “Still Can’t Stop”. Continue to follow me for more updates.


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#DownloadLocaveli 2:I’m Reloaded
iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube


#Can’tStopWon’tStopAutobiography 4-20-18, Barnes & Noble, etc


My Music On YouTube:











Keith A. Brooks #A599527 (Earliest release date 10-25-19)
878 Coitsville-Hubbard Rd. (Latest release date 2023)
Youngstown, Ohio 44505 ( Keith Brooks #A599527)

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