Germaine Taylor

YOUTH AFFECTS by Germaine Taylor

I want to speak about the children of any nation and how they are the wealth and future of any of them. I thought this should be added to the blog for the reason that I see the youth now-a-days as an easily penetrated generation. It is clear to my vision yhay yhey are penetrated(influenced) by various things. The problem is when the youth can not think for themselves even if they wanted to in situations that wil be opposed by the majority. That will then label one a radical. This gives our youth insecurities about what they think and will lean towards the rest on views. example: How could they know whats wrong about homosexuality whe the goverment approve them marraige or see modern day slavery in the 13th amendment if it is given to us as law which suppose to be something valuable in maintaining order. This causes confusion. This will only disrupt the thinking proces of the advancement , therefore less leaders will be produced. If there is a lack of leadership then there will an overpopulation of followers which effects democracy because no one will make there own decisions. I am currently in place where alot of people can not think for themeselves and is merely getting tooken advantage of. Imagine an entire nation withthis degrading attribute, it’ll be all bad bra!
“PRACTICALLY GENOCIDE” It happening in poor countries today.

Thank tou for letting me express myself.

Thanks to whoever read this. I fast you get thejewel. I take criticism like encouragement. tell me what you think.

Germaine Taylor
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