Baretta Wilford

Whats on my mind by Baretta Wilford

Well I was in my group today ya know tryin to get this prison thinking & these street way of living out my mind.I’m learning how to be a real man. Not da young dumb ass I use to be. Now you got some cornballa who think a niggas is soft,but i’ll check nuts wit any nigga. I sold work,open shop in niggas hood and didn’t give a fuck if they ain’t like it because they didn’t want to see me or my crew,ran the trap,shit even took some niggas trap,hit tha highway with work sittin right on tha seat,Shit if I was in a mood it would be all procain. Extortion yeah that to.done robbed,shot,killed and still doing a bit and that da P.G run
down and will put hands on something. Oh don’t forget stood up under a Life bit and stayed a real nigga so if some fuck niggas got some bullshit fuck’em because I did most of that shit before an nigga was 18. Now back to what I was stayen. Damn I can’t beleave how fucked up a nigga was. I had to tell my story in group and I was fucked. It was like a movie. I didn’t even get into da jail ya boy was a fool another time I will tell ya. man I know no one want to hear some prison war stories. Well if someone want to hear hit me up on Baretta Wilford a291-175 or if anything someone want to ask me.
Now this group shit is hard for me. Its 9 people it started with 15 of us. I’m the only one with big time in So I be feeling like a dumb ass,but I don’t want to get out and come back to this shit. You know I my time with no help from the out side. So I had to get it out da mud the best way I could. And when you live as no one love you,you tend to not love yourself and that shit will make you heartless. It don’t feel good to feel your not missed by no one when you took care of everyone when you was out there. Shit i’m gone be real I still hurt to this day. Why no one reached out to see if I was ok. I had so much hate in me for that. But now I’m learning how to live with that hurt. I don’t have no hate in me anymore and it feels so damn good and thats thanks to my group. I’m not made at Dude & Bump for telling on me on this case. Well Bump didn’t tell but nigga you know what you did. Anyway my nigga FattyLow told me real niggas just got to stand up under all kind of bullshit and never let them break ya.Yeah yo boy have his work cutout. But I got my shit together I just hope they let me go I can’t believe it been 25 years. Man that shit just got me trippin so I got to go and get my head together so holla me. alwayz B

Baretta Wilford
DOC #A291-175


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