Melvin Shaw Jr.

the power of thoughts by: Melvin Shaw Jr.

the power of thoughts: IS the best thing tht god gave us outside of the other tht things, he blessed us with. i come to realize tht i can plant a seed in my mind in tell my self everday tht i want to do something. sooner or later my thoughts tht i created in my mind will eventually come true long as i keep a positive mind in keep feeding the thought tht i created. you have to keep a positive mind at all times. in life there will be moments when you feel as if your thoughts,dreams or what ever you can it seen as if it will not come true. well when you feel tht type of way you have to remain strong in fight through the negativity. it is so easy to give up on things. in so worth while to remain patient for the successes tht your dream can bring to you. GOD put us through many us test we just have to remain dedicated to what it is we want to do.. check out tht book called THE SECRET BY, RHONDA BRYNE

melvin shaw #624671 p.o box 56 lebanon ohio 45036

Melvin Shaw Jr.
DOC #624671

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