Deitrekk D. Boone

Spoken Word by: Deitrekk D. Boone

Use to be Hot Headed,worried about my name, chasing my City fame.
Yea I been there.
And When Lost in the game, You all in.
Do the same thing day for day,again and again.
So ambitious,mind state frame focus on Dreams and Wishes.
Can’t trust many,and doing whatever for the next penny.
But when that penny turn into plenty,
We turn into the typical image.Money with basic Knowledge.
Known Cars,Known Females,
Known Loud smell,clothes,golds,chains.
Basically just a moment life of fame.
A moment life of fame!
That don’t never last long, You gone end up in jail,forgotten about, Dead and Gone.
Now ask me what’s Wrong?
I ain’t perfect, but now from life experiences,I make sure all my steps calculated and well worth it.
Come from a place where I been through the most and was lost,
I’m not changing who I am and what I stood for, I’m just changing my ways of getting it done and who I do it for.

Deitrekk D. Boone
DOC #706720

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