William Burton

Introducing William Burton

I’ve been down for ten yrs now… And although time has been flying doing a third of your time doesn’t’ seem like much of an accomplishment … But it is !!! Some days I lay back and think about how I basically knocked the doors down to get in here smh.. F….. me up when I first thought about it in that way.. Its crazy because I knew prison was in my future if I was lucky enough to dodge the reaper.. I didn’t care if I lived or died!! , and even though I still don’t fear death I have reasons to live now.. I want to see my children futures… Honestly prison has been a blessing in disguise for me , I needed to slow down and learn more about life… I was always ahead mentally but once everything was slowed down I was surprise at how far I was behind on wht was really going on around me… Over the yrs I have become a better me, I’m less selfish, more patience and more aware. I’m not perfect but I’m a hunid.. I get my chance at freedom in three yrs and I believe I’m ready, although I never been released from prison b4 , oh I forgot to mention this is my first and last number, I rather die then return to this.. So to avoid that none my plans have anyways to lead me back here!! I already have a few properties and I’m working on a couple new projects… Religion wise I believe there’s a higher power… That’s all for now..
Njoy your day….

William Burton
DOC #A580234

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