Mark Alston

Introducing Mark Alston

Mark alston #490-240
intake: July 8, 2005
Parole Board Date: 12-29-2029, Crime Agg. Rob, murder, Weapons under disability, Tampering with evidence, Felonious Assaut, firearm specification.
Age: 34, March 03, 1984.

Contact info:
Mark Alston# 490240
Lebanon Correction Institution
P.O Box 56- Lebanon, Oh 45036
Jpay. Com.

Institution name , address subject to change, so go to inmate locator in ohio, and find by name, and prison number.
info about me:
I am a KING, who have faith, and believe in GOD, and who follows the principles of LOVE, LOYALTY, TRUST, and RESPECT. I hold no judgement against the world, as GOD holds no judgement against US.

Mark Alston
DOC #490240


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