Anthony Waters


I once Dreamed beautiful dreams,
until my dreams turned into nightmares and my nightmares
became my reality that turned into cold stares.
Yet I raise with broken dreams,but I am able to fly,
don’t cry love because every thing is going to be alright,
I was lil weary when I first looked into the devil eyes,
but it was my own pain that kelpt me alive.
Even though I had to foot it to strive,
I realized every man was born to rise or die if he didn’t try.
I woke up from my nightmare with cold sweats and screams,
I’m missing every body I love,
knowing I will not be able to hug my mother Earnestine.
Yet I am posted like a stamp so I embrace my pain,
she was my umbrella when I was caught in the rain.
so many lonely nights trapped in my own mind,
searching for love but love was hard to find.
I know I can’t give in so I asked the lord to save me from this plight,
because I tried to give my best but things still ain’t right.
I am trying to right my wrongs,
so I turned all my nightmares into poems,
I pray to the lord may my soul he take,
as I lay awake trying to get back to u but I can’t escape.
so ask your self can u relate?
because my dreams turned into nightmares that turned in hate.

peace to the true and living.

Anthony Waters
DOC #720-786


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