Anthony Waters

BEAUTIFUL by Anthony L. Waters (a.k.a da Gator)

hi,I am Anthony Waters I am from Orlando,Fla but resign in Columbus,Oh
I’m currently incarcerated at Lebanon Correctional Instition the address is,P.O Box 56 Lebanon,Oh 45036 if u would like to stay in touch. I’m 36 my inmate # is 720-786,I am going to be release 6/15/2024 and my blog is poetry to day,Thank u Suzie for being a blessing to me..and so many others..peace queen may Allah bless u always.

my blog is poetry

I understand many gone hate,
because they can’t understand and they can’t relate, see
you are beautiful it’s like waking up to someone flawless holding your birthday cake.
Your smile drives me wild and your walk got my mind like wow,
you had to come from the heavens above,
infallible Gods most precious child,
you are a imprint left on the world that’s untraceable,
that’s so audacious,so beautiful and uneraseable.
Beauty is not just on the out side but its on the inside as well,
not to mention it start with intention.
You are strong like iron that will not bend,break or fold for your heart is of gold,
you are a story that will be forever told,
a Gem every man dreams to hold,
you utter words of wisdom that’s wise,
a man most beautiful prize,
righteous and recognized in Gods eyes,
you bring back life inside of a man when his spirit dies,
the clothe that drys the eyes when one crys,
Beautiful is an understatement for u is the love that conqure men,
you are more unique than a wife and worth more than a friend,
I will always love u from the beginning to the end.
now that beautiful, cause u are the one true friend that I can confide in,
you are a lion and these haters is the pray that’s in the lions mouth that’s dieing,,and I ain’t lieing.

Anthony Waters
DOC #720786

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