David Bomber


“C’mon you guys. I know of something else that we can bomb,” I said. I had discovered a huge hornet’s nest that was in a bush right beside the front porch to my house. Just like with Ernie earlier, we began bombing away without any warning whatsoever, and from a safe distance I should say. Every time one of the mud patties hit the bush it would seem like the bush would quake momentarily before it emitted a swarm of angry hornets, that no doubt were looking for a target to attack.
More than likely it would’ve been us that the hornets found and attacked. Instead, they unleashed their fury onto Dawn who just so happened to come out the front door to investigate why mud was hitting the front window of the house. “I don’t know” was all she got out before she got stung a couple dozen times.
Poor girl couldn’t catch a break with me when it came to God’s creatures.

After successfully defending our portion of the neighborhood, we decided to ramp up our mud bombing campaign by continuously targeting Ernie and his sister every day. If either one of them came out the back door and stepped into the backyard to play, they got bombed. If Ernie happened to mow the grass in the backyard when we were lurking in the tree, him and the mower got bombed. Before long both Ernie and his sister stopped coming out to the backyard to play. So, we targeted the family dog next. Even their dog could hardly go out into the backyard to relieve itself without the fear of being bombed by us.
Our bombing campaign against Ernie and company was successful because both he and his parents were so passive about it. Since Ernie had never been to any of our houses, he couldn’t tell his parents where we lived. His parents on the other hand never put forth any effort whatsoever to find out where we lived or attempt to inform our parents of our actions. In fact, they didn’t do anything to try to stop us themselves.
Once we figured that out, we tried to bomb his parents too. We just had to go about it in a slightly different way. Since his parents never went into the backyard we had to catch them coming or going to their car. That car would be parked in front of their house and disadvantageous to us from that angle. The only way to make a successful strike from our position without hitting the house was to throw it in arch over the house.
Pretty soon afterwards they began parking their car further back from the corner where we couldn’t see their comings and goings.
That’s when we decided to look for other targets.
We didn’t have to look far though. They passed right in front of us constantly, and in our eyes they were more than sufficient targets.

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