V-Vasean Wright

Introducing V-Vasean Wright

My name is V-Vasean Wright , I am forty-three years of age. My hobbies are swimming traveling jet skiing,picnics,going to plays & much more. I’m scheduled to file for judicial in August.I’ve made mistakes,but more importantly I’ve made changes in my life.Real success is being able to share what’s going on with some one who is not going to judge us and who will accept us for the way we are some one who can walk with us so that we make it to the other side alive. In less than a year I loss my father and sister & couldn’t even view them.I am a man who has experienced failure.
I am presently finishing a five year sentence for carrying a gun and sexual assault my release date is 8/24/2019.
It’s about courage-courage to speak the truth,courage to be wrong,and courage to say I’m sorry and to admit failure.It’s about never giving up,always seeing the best in people,looking for thewin-win,believing in others and yourself, taking responsibility,saying you are right, forgiving others and yourself,and realizing nothing is perfect..
In your own life,where do you need courage to be vulnerable?
Respectfully submitted,

VVasean Wright
DOC #663-966


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