Shawn D. Smith

Introducing Shawn D. Smith

To better inform you of myself, My full name is Shawn Demetrius Smith, my current age is 39 until the 19 of October…
I’ve been incarcerated for over a decade now, but it doesn’t quite feel like it, time fly as the saying goes, so I wrap or consume myself into something constructive and self elevating. My incarceration began June 2006, and the projected time ends May 2060. As I write this Blog, I am currently awaiting an decision from the court of appeals, which heavily favors my side, also with God and Faith, I believe I will change that projected release date!
I study criminal law, and adventure off into geography some. I assume being limited to these four walls, anyone would picture greener grass, and blue water. I’m workout everyday to stay super healthy, and part 2 of removing my enter shell of this stale environment…
I am a not a person to blame others of my mistakes, I take full responsibility of the elements of trouble I created, and the fragments of distrust I imprinted on others. I learnt in here that way of life was selfish, and didn’t know the difference between neither boy, maLE, and MAN. I didn’t have the chance to be guided by a positive MAN, so I was left to learn and experience things on my own, and find the sums of nothingness. I now want to give back to the community I subtracted from for so long, and helpout with youth in ignorance.
From day to day, my institution career is barbering, I’ve had this trade since a juvenile. As a lack of patience and knowledgement, I couldn’t vision the potential of a prosperous life ahead. As I lie in this cell and image the things I took for granted, I would trade anyone. I feel this is for the worst of the worst, but whom am I to judge or be like GOD, could I be pictured as the worst.
I have strong visions to be a short story novelist, by the one I have already wrote, I also want to be an mentor to all…
I belong to a long family tree, I never had a chance to plant my own with children myself, kind of bitter sweet. Don’t want them to witness me being incarcerated with no control on daily life decisions, and on the return not seeing my legacy continue.
In closing, and as my mind continue to expand, I hope my words and thoughts expanded out to your universe. I can further be reached @ quicker if yourself download app type in(Shawn D. Smith #a539771), and I can respond back and forth with whomever, or U.S. mail @ P.O. box 45699, Lucasville, Ohio 45699, be blessed and beautiful……

Shawn D. Smith
DOC #a539771

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