Anesha Wise

Introducing Anesha Wise

my name is anesha wise wf7349 my release date right now is 2-11-21 but if i go to fire camp my release date will change to 2019 that would mean so much to me i am a 40 yr old woman that has been thru alot and i am bone tired i have been doing time way to long im from the city of long beach my dob is 01-20-1978 im very out going and down to earth im a very fun person to be around and believe in putting a smile on everyone face if you want to contact me please go to and send me a email so we can chat

i am having a very hard time here in c.i.w right now because i am trying to get to fire camp i have done everything that i am suppose to do so that i can get there the sooner i get there the sooner i can get home i have a grandmother that is 84 yearas old and i know that she is tired and i just want to get there with her before it is tom late i feel so alone in here can someone please give me some in sight

anesha wise wf7349 miller A 9 up 16756 chino corona road,corona calif 92880

Anesha Wise
DOC #wf7349


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