Change, by V-Vasean Wright

CHANGE-AS we walk along the trail of life we carry a bowl and each experience we have is like a stone we pickup and put into the bowl.
To change all we have to do is turn the bowl upside down and then show our light there.

We have scars from what has been done to us that will never heal,and therefore we are victims who may need support all our lives. Native cultures tell us that we have had experiences and it is up to us what we do with those experiences. We have the power to heal with in us. And if we are willing to do our work, not to focus blame on others,to give up being a “victim,”to do what we must to work through our feelings about what has happened to us,then we can take responsibility for our lives.It is not a matter of will,it is a matter of working with our Creator to become all we can be-to live our lives.
All we have to do is to be willing turn the bowl over and heal.
Then our light can show “TOGETHER”.

My names is:V-Vasean Wright#663-966 56
Lebanon, OH,45036

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