Richard Davidson


I would like to write about Sen. Portman’s discussion’s directed towards a new bill that the senator wants to get passed conserning adult-only websites & the exploitation of underage teens.
The owners of these adult-only websites like “Uber Horny”, “Snapsext” & “Backpage” to name a few, are all of pornagraphic nature & promote sexual activity between consenting adults. But the issue at hand, is that they also have been allowing underage teens to gain access & to post sexually explicit photos on their websites without any consequences whatsoever to the website owners nor to the underage teens who lie in order to cheat the age verification process that these websites put in place. The only person to ever be criminally charged, arrested, prosecuted & eventually imprisoned in our state prison’s are the unsuspecting adults who are being mislead by the website, lied to by the teen & then prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law by the state.
Why aren’t we holding these underage teens responsible, why aren’t we holding the parents or guardians of these underage teens responsible & why aren’t we holding these websites responsible? I mean if an individual who is under 21 gets caught drinking alcohol inside a club. We hold the underage individual accountable and we also hold the server serving the alcohol accountable & we even hold the club owner accountable.
In this situation, would we then also arrest the unsuspecting stranger sitting at the bar drinking with the underage teen? Because that is the question we need to be asking our law makers. Because, the answer to that question is absolutely not! It is the exact same situation when we arrest, prosecute & convict the adult who had no idea he or she was committing a crime.
Yes, I am sure there are some child-predators out there who surf these adult websites looking for underage children. But the reality is that most child predators actually surf websites like “Myspace” and “Facebook”. Because websites like these only require children to be 13 years age or older & they do not have any type of age verification process in place & therefore you have children on these websites at all ages.
I am not sure how many of you watch your local news? Because I would like to point out that the FBI has recently seized the website “Backpage” & arrested all the owners. Not sure what the criminal charges are but I am positive it has something to do with the exploitation of underage children. Because it is a known fact that this website which is basically a classified advertisement for prostitution, is widely known for allowing underage teens to gain access to its site in order to post sexually explicit photos & to then prostitute themselves on this website. Finally, someone has taken notice & stepped up to do the right thing by shutting this site down.
Now that we have discussed the issues that Senator Portman has brought to the attention of our local news. I would like to tell you a little bit about who I am & why I am incarserated at the Warren Correctional Institute in Ohio.
I was convicted of Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a minor & Aggravated Drug possession & ultimately sentenced to a 48 month prison term, 5 years of maditory community control & 25 years as a registered sex offender. I am a United States Army Disabled Combat Veteran with 10+ years of good service & two combat tours. I have never been convicted of any crime other than a DUI & a misdemeanor assault charge for being in a bar fight when I was younger.
I had been a member of “Snapsext” for approx. one to two weeks when I met a girl that was 19. This website was advertised as a closed site. Meaning there are no other ways to gain access to “Snapsext” through any other portals or any other sites. They also advertise that they have an age & identity verification process in place. I had to send the site a photocopy of my drivers license, a photocopy of my face & a photocopy of me hold my drivers license next to my face. I then had to pay for their services with a credit card which is an added feature to verify age.
This 19 year old & I talked via email for approx. one week and during this conversation, I did in fact asked her how old she was & what her birthdate was, just to make certain. She stated that she was19 years old, just as the website had post on her profile.
After discussing a time to meet, I drove the hour & a half to finally meet her. During the drive, I decided to enter her information in a web-database called “BeenVerified” to verify who I was going to be meeting. It too stated that she was 19 or 20 years old. But I had clue that this girl had gave a ficticious last name to both me & the websites.
As I approached the door and knocked, she answered. She then invited me into the home. I followed her through the pitch-black darkness of her home to a small room that looked more like a storage room than a bedroom. As it had a tall dresser in the middle of the floor, a twin size mattress & box-spring standing upright against the wall in a corner and clothing strung all over the floor. There was a small twin bed & a small table with a small lamp that was dimly lit. She and I talk for a few minutes and began to make-out. At some point, her supposedly ill grandmother walked in and turned the ceiling light on. She asked me who I was. It was at that time that girl got up and walked out of the room. Her grandmother then called 911 & it was at that time I learned that this girl was underage and had been lying to me and the website had misled me to believe she was an adult. I had so much information going through my mind at one time. I had our week or longer conversation, I had all of her nude photos and explicit requests she had posted on her profile going through my mind all at once. I thought, “theres no way this girl could be underge.” So, I yelled into the other room where she had bolted to and I asked her how old she was. She never responde with an answer. So I thought, “maybe this is a set up of some kind or maybe this girl might truly be 16 or 17 but how could this be possible as I had taken so many precautions?” I could have just got in my car & left but I stayed because I hadn’t done anything wrong.
The police then arrive and asked for my drivers license. I remember telling the officer that I beleived I was meeting a 19 year old and told the officer about the website I had met her on a week or so earlier and that there were even several nude photos posted of her on this website. I then asked the officer how could she be underage? He just said, “Mr. Davidson, I have no idea.”
It was at that time when that girls grandmother asked if I was from the motel from across the street and I replied, “Well no, why?” and she didn’t respond with an answer. I found out later why she asked me that question. It turns out that this girl had been sneaking out to meet different men at the motel across the street from her home and the grandmother thought I might be one of them?
Needless to say I was placed under arrest and taken to the Fayette County Jail. During the police interview this teen was asked what her intentions were in meeting me and she said she wanted to have “sex” with me but with the “F-word”. She was asked how many other men had she been involved with from the website and she replied that there were approx. 25 other men besides me. She was then asked which adult websites had she been a member of and for how long. She replied that she was a member of Snapsext, Uber Horny and Fling and that she had been a member for approx. 2 months and that she had been using her grandmothers credit card to pay the $39.99 monthly membership fees. This was one of the age verification process that this girl was able get around, with the help of her grandmother and the use of her grandmothers credit card.
During my bench trial/court trial, this girl was asked during her cross-examination, “why didn’t you tell Mr. Davidson the truth about your real age?” She stated, “because I knew if I told him the truth, he would have left.” She then went on to say, ” I took 100% responsibility for what happened because it was all my fault for lying.”
So if it was clear that I never knew I was meeting an underage girl, how then is it possible that I was convicted and sentenced to a 48 month prison term? I will tell you why, because the prosecutor, Jess Weade, the Fayette County Common Pleas Court Judge, Hon. Steven Beatherd and that girls grandmother Gisele Kidwell had been contacted by my ex wife, at times, several time a week. My ex wice was deadset to win her apportionment claim of up to 90% of my $3,379.69 monthly veterans benefit instead of the $694.00 that the VA was currently going to pay towards child-support. But the only way she was ever going to win her apportionment claim was if I was convicted and sentenced to a prison term. So she made a point to report me for every unsolved murder, rape and assault crimes within a 100 mile radius, with the help of that girls grandmother, Gisele Kidwell.
They both would then make it a point to contact the Fayette County Prosecutor, Jess Weade and my trial court Judge, Hon. Steven Beathard to keep them informed of all the crimes I was being investigated for but failed to inform them that it because of the false reports made by them. On one incident, they reported me form committing the double homicide of the two teenage girls in Delphine, Indiana in which 2 Indiana State troopers drove down to meet with me. I cooperated fully and gave them my phone so the could go through all my text messages of the day the murders took place, go through my phone calls, contract and then wanted a sample of my DNA. Over the next month, those troopers turned my life upside down. My ex wife would then inform the prosecutor Jess Weade and Hon. Judge Steven Beathard of the investigation. So the Judge already had me convicted even before I should up for court. I can prove it.
The morning of my trial, my trial attorney informed me that there were approx. 7 professional witnesses for the prosecution that weren’t going to show up for trial because the subpoenas were delivered to late. I asked if my trial would then be postponed and he said, “no, the state is going go on with the trial.” I thought that was very odd. I now beleive the prosecutor had already confirmed with the trial court that he was going to be finding me guilty. So the prosecution didn’t need a single witness. He knew the trial court already had me convicted. They just needed to go through the motions. Because they both had been in continuos contact with my ex wife, my new wife’s ex husband and Gisele Kidwell discussing the above issues.
I would like to give you some information directly from my appeal that I am currently waiting on.
My Appellants Brief reads as follows;

[The trial court stated that Mr. Davidson only did one check to determine the age of the alleged victim and that there was no further inquiry. This is simply inaccurate. She testified that he asked her age multiple times, going so far as to ask for her birth date.
The trial court then stated that it felt that Mr. Davidson should have inquired further and even suggested that he was “required” to check her ID. This is preposterous. It further pointed Mr. Davidson’s statement that at first he thought she was in her early 20’s, then he thought she was 19 and then that she was 16. These are all red herrings. R.C.2907.04 Prohibits sexual conduct with anyone over the age of 13 but under 16. It doesn’t matter if she is 16 or 60 – it is not a violation of the law. He met her on an adult-only website, she advertised herself as a 19 year old woman, she testified that she invited him over for the express purpose of having sex and that she continued to lie to him about her age so he would not leave.]

I can prove that I have been 100% truthful with every statement in this poting by getting affidavids from the Indiana State Police Dept., the Kentucky State Police Dept., the Kentucky Child Protective Services, the Floyd County Indiana Superior Court #2 Judge Hon. James Hancock, The Floyd County Indiana Superior Court #3 Judge Hon. Maria Granger, my VA Mental Health Provider Dr. Joel Bowman, and the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. My criminal case # is CRI2016-03-026, my appellate case # is CA2017-08-015 and my inmate # is A737-319.
As you can see every individual I have listed that can provide an affidavid are professionals that have something to do with Police Departments and the Indiana Courts. This was how my ex wife and Gisele Kidwell were able to get away with everything so easily. Plus, I would like to point out that both my ex wife and Gisele Kidwell had a San Antonio, Texas Police Officer “Eric Leirmoe” guiding their every step.
I am pleading with everyone reading this post to PLEASE contact Sen. Portman to inform him of this post. I NEED YOUR HELP!!!
Because I have 2 children that deserve to have their daddy in their lives and I deserve to have my children in my life. They do not deserve this and I do not deserve this. I AM PLEADING FOR EVERYONE’S HELP, TO PLEASE CONTACT SEN. PORTMAN AND ASK HIM TO PLEASE READ MY POST?????

Richard Davidson
DOC #A737-319


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  1. I wish I could say I was surprised with you, Rick. But unfortunately your posts demonstrate just how mentally unstable you are. My husband, Eric Leirmoe, and I live in the state of Texas. During the time of your trail he was still in school working towards his certification to become a peace officer. As you probably already know, laws differ in each state. So for you to go on a limb to say he was giving anyone “guidance” is downright slander and outlandish. The only reason he got involved is because he has a daughter the same age as the child you molested! You married Eric’s ex wife, Susan Arias Novella Davidson, and lived under the same roof as their child! What father wouldn’t step in?! You’ve got a lot of healing to do. I hope you come to terms with your poor decisions that landed you prison time. Stop placing the blame. I hope you find peace.


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