Barry Woods

by Barry Woods

Book title: Talk Dat Shit Barry
Poem title: Self Inflected

Beaten brutally where mutiny has reconstructed my outer appearance…..
It truthfully appears bad… It actually looks worse then it is…..
And though I know that its bad to justify it,,,,, The matter at hand- that I need you understand, is I’ll live……
I’ve been through way worse….. And if I was to out weigh the good with the bad –then I’ll win…..
The way it work to you,,, I may lose self respect…. But,,, as l long as I do who cares if you accept what it is….( He loves me )
He puts a roof over my head and helps me to provide for my kids…
The down side is having to have then hide when he decides he want to talk with his hands….
He wines and dines me but too much wine I find myself crying in my hands…..
My lips cut – eye shut- and still this is what I define as a man….
Say it —–” Punk”!!!!
Him or me? cause thought I know it’s wrong –In some way shape form I have to enjoy what he did!!!!….. If not —-I’d been gone!…
All I can say is I’m sprung off his love– I mean fear…
I’m in fear of losing his love…. I’m scared no one will love me the way that he does…. And before you say it,, I know the way your thinking…. That the way he loves me is me is terrible…..
The new earrings he bought me are studded- and the necklace I can’t even tell you how many karats…..
And your trying to tell me to say fuck him…. Come on now are you serious….?
Your seriously tripping if you think that for a instant I will…..
Can’t say that I ain’t thought about it… Key word is thought–I never said I did!!!
This is a issue I’ll crawl up out of before I walk up out of it —I sware….
And though this is my business— I do appreciate that you care…. But for you to dare judge me– aint something I can stand….
He stand over me and I sit there mopen….. I tend to feel hopeless-so,,,, I focus on hopen for less pain then I can bare….
Fair aint life… But before I could care–. a kick of the chair —stole away the air— to think twice……
A Twisted Mindz publication/Remedy Ent….

I’ve meet women that have pick the type guy over me that has no problem destroying them physically where in return mentally they also find the same kind of fate….
Why the attraction,, or even after that why they stay beats me.. Some I guess are turned on by it… or their self esteem is a alter… Nevertheless I’m just curious to when you feel its enough… Is it when your dead and do you believe that can be considered suicide?????.

Dedicated to my beautiful daughter Jayla….. Inspired by Catessa

Barry Woods
DOC #548280


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