Why Was My Parole Hearing Date Changed? by Nicole Bradley

I just found out my parole hearing was changed to September 25th. I’m upset cause I was expecting it to be August 2nd and that’s what I’ve been telling my family. I even wrote the program I’m going to and told them it’s in August. I wouldn’t have known the date changed if a friend didn’t tell me. I was feeling so very upset. I don’t understand why my hearing date would be moved back 54 days later. And the CDCR website doesn’t explain either. People in here try receiving credits for milestones so they can have their dates move up, per Prop 57. How can I do that if my board date is just going to keep changing? I asked the officer if he can check the date but he acted as if he was so busy. I just went to my room and layed in the dark, feeling all depressed. I was hoping to be home by my birthday this year. It says my ‘tentative’ parole hearing is September 25th. What does that mean? That it might change? Am I going to be moved back again so others can be moved in my place? This really upsets me. I just hope it doesn’t change again unless if it’s to go to board sooner. I want to be home already.

Nicole Bradley
DOC #W82508


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  1. I’m so sorry, Nicole. I really feel your disappointment. To them, it’s just a minor administrative decision- but to you, it’s a huge change of the game. Try to remember that it’s not personal to you, they are not trying to punish you or attack you. Maybe someone booked a vacation for August…! Pick yourself back up and keep going. A few more weeks is not too much in the grand scheme of the rest of your life on the outside. Chin up, hen! (I’m Scottish, and ‘hen’ is a term of endearment here 🙂 )


  2. That is quite sad and disheartening news Nicole. It is both demoralizing and depressing, however it is up to you to not let it become the main issue in your life. It is how we react and respond to circumstances which belies our true fate. 54 more days, if that’s what it turns out to be, is just another opportunity to get more things done on your behalf.
    To study what they will be seeing in their little folders, while looking across the table at you. A parole hearing is never a guaranteed exit from the system, it is merely the opportunity for one. Make all the right choices these next 5 months and be the person they want to put their names to regarding your release. I pray you’ll be strong and righteous in your decisions.
    As always, God Bless you and keep you.


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