Noticed by: Quentin Dillard

It takes a lot to be a Women, Mother, Wife, especially when you are trying to keep your independence. The hard work, it takes to get the kids ready for school, the cleaning, cooking, school events, washing clothes, planning, make sure the bills are paid on time, Doing your best to keep your family together, all while maintain a full job, so many titles with minimum noticed.
Why do it take a stranger to notice the change in your hair color, the different in your perfume. A well need compliment. A proper greeting, without a demand. A simple how is your day going or went.
I use to find myself been that selfish Men ,father, husband until the doctor put my family on noticed that my wife was going to pass.I started to notice everything about my wife. As well as, how valuable she was to our family. It really hurt, because if I would have did 1/2 of what she did, maybe I would have had just one more day with her.
You have time to notice yours so please do so! If you allow another men to noticed her, she may be gone forever.

Quentin Dillard
DOC #a452749


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