Alan Thrower

MYSTIC MAN by Alan Thrower

By one god
It has become a myth, A young man Born with a sense of destiny. Inevitably somehow he was chosen. Picked upon, among his peers as the one to be selected. Who is he? Christ resurrected they say. Word? “I herd he was the coming”. A Messiah at best, and yes. his only mission was laying a foundation for the rest, accept they second guessed. why? because he has yet to appear, and he hears rumors of talk, someone who was ment to be and yet he still remains a fictional mystery. To who? “To you, if haven’t seen his face”. Cause It it said that this man is the leader of his race, and placed, imposing his own order on the world, after twelve years incarcerated, A prisoner over populated. He pulled a stretch and a Span. Mystic Man, a Gangsta’s Gangsta Somebody that can relate. “Man somebody told me, he was acting out of faith”. A fake? probably. who’s to say. I just know it was He that made moves and played. Okay can I see him? shit. yeah I wish…He was a only a fable a man of myth.

Alan Thrower #AI1509


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