Dennis Ray

Mid Knight Star* by Dennis Ray

Greeting’s dear,Friend
Now before I begin to cultivate a mathematical foundation of understanding . I wish above all thing’s , that you might be in
health and prosperous . Perhaps by the time you receive this exclusive document , it will carry the weight of something, far more powerful . I may not be able to predict the thought ,they may gather after you assimilate these word’s .But what I can predict is that they contain the greatest good . At the end of the day , we all search for one or two thing’s ? Perhaps, you to have felt the need for a friend or love one to reciprocate ,with some kind of love and compassion . Because I don’t care if it’s one or two years from now . I don’t want any one to say that I lied to you .Became when I put my wing’s on , I am gone forever ! I never told anyone that this was my home . I have always been a certificated agent on assignment .I have always had a fixed designation .Perhaps our arrangement could express that same meaning and perhaps this reflection has been hidden from you ? Don’t allow this inferno to consume you .For it has contaminated many people being retroactive.So govern your mind , as you govern the material that moves through your mind .I hope your schedule won’t conflict with your spare time ? Because quite frankly, I’d like to know a sister better ! To the fullest extent of my knowledge, there is no one I would rather know more. So please make your self more available .But if not your always in my prayer’s. I think of sharing life and love every night. You just don’t realize how my strength and abilities harmonize to make me the ideal mate ! My shoulder’s are abroad, with a large chest . My hips are narrow and not one ounce of superficial fat is on my frame. My face is like a chocolate chip , because I was left in the oven to long. My hair is far to long far to long for a man . Now that’s five for two. I don’t know how all this will end; but what I do know is that you should keep your head to the sky. So if you should fall, you will fall among the star’s !
With much love and respect, Mid Knight Star *

Dennis Ray
DOC #661634


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