Love isn’t Lust By: Kevin Freeman

How is the world of great individuals, Now we as people may sometimes get things misunderstood in relationships… Some people may Love there significant other, and some people may Lust over there sex partner… Its a big difference between the two but they both have something to do with feelings… This New life style we live in is all about a feel… Who can sex the most females… Lady’s make these men work for it, some weed or Remy Hair should not make you drop them panties… To be honest watch who you deal with I know its harder then I’m making it seem… Because some dudes portray to be something there not… Believe me I did it… I made a hundred dollars look like a lot of money… I’m just saying… Now back to the love & lust situation, we all grown as fuck… Ain’t no need in playing with somebody heart just for a feel… If that’s gone be the case we all know That Hoe over There (THOT)… And who every That Hoe Over There is need to sit her Hot ass down some where… Now its nothing wrong with lusting over a Beautiful person… But if you got bad Intentions then don’t approach that person… Plus that Beautiful person might be a Nut Case… They always say what look good to you, might not be good for you… So before you get caught up in a crazy ass situation, with a dead beat daddy or mother ask your self is my feelings genuine or fake… Because Love isn’t Lust remember that…

Kevin Freeman
DOC #a699384


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