Jeron Moore

Introducing Jeron Moore

My name is Jeron Moore I’m 25 years old, I’m currently incarcerated in lebanon correctional institution, I’ve been incarcerated since January second two thousand ten, my current parole date is two thousand forty, my contact info. is Jeron Moore, #584340 Leb.C.I., p.o. box 56 , Lebanon Ohio ,zip. 45036 ; jpay .com Jeron Moore, inmate # 58430.
I’m a optimistic, inspired man, I believe in growth in all its forms, whether it’s mental, spiritual, or physically…
Building myself to my own image is something I enjoy doing, adding qualities that leads to any lane of greatness is how I spend my time ‘ physically’ incarcerated…
I try my hardest to express the 3 L’s every day in my life, which are : live, laugh, and love; spreading my positivity despite any objective condition is what I do, and I hope through this beautiful website I’ll be able to put smiles on faces and peace in the hearts of anyone receptive to my entered bloggs..

Jeron Moore
DOC #584340


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