Michael Payne

by Michael Payne

Mr. Payne is back to continue this blog so let me give you all what you need to verify the story. Go to http://www.ohnd.com then docket case number 5:18-cv-00517 Michael A. Payne What you people have to do is probly pay the pacer to get to the docket sheet to be able to read my Petition For Writ of habaes Corpus By A Person In State Custody. Do all of you people remeber when the lat great attorney Johnny Cochran appeared on national T.V. and stated that he could get released from the Ohio State Prisons 90% of the population because the Ohio Indictments are faulty? Well i went to college to equip myself with intelligence to see what johnny meant and discovered that it is in fact the prosecuters in all 88 counties in Ohio are mcouterfeiting machine endorsed a true bill indictments go see your selves. Read my Writ because it contains the truth to the ‘COUTERFEIT MACHINE ENDORSED A TRUEBILL INDICTMENT PONZI SCAM BY SUMMIT COUNTY,OHIO PROSECUTER SHERRI BEVAN WALSH’. Compare the indictments in my Writ to the indictments in your places you all reside in to see if your indictments are in compliance to the law and statutes where you all live at. But if their not all of you people are born into a counterfeit indictment ponzi scam anr or have been defrauded out of your lives without due process of law. While being made to beleive a that the criminal justice system in your places of residency are operating by the langauge of the law. Bloogers this is how Attorney Johnny Cochran was goig to be able to get 90% of the people out of the OHIO STATE PRISONS. Contact me back and please buy some stamps ok.

Michael Payne
DOC #A594914


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