Melvin Shaw Jr.

by: melvin shaw jr

hey i hope everything is all well with the ppl out there in the free world. far as me im keeping my self above water.{ i am 26 yrs old i am from youngstown ohio i been locked up 8yrs i am currently serving a life sentence}. i have been fighting my case tryning to get my freedom back which is extremely hard i believe god will give me a second chance soon. when i was out there in the free world i enjoyed riding and my muscle cars, walking my cane corso dogs, i been breeding dogs as well too, i am opened minded person willing to try anything new long as its for a right cause. i like to work out, fish, horse back ride, swim, shop, you name it in i prolly like it. but most of all i enjoy dealing with sports cars i been to alot of race tracks when i was a kid. well as the kentucky derby. i am a pittsburgh steelers and michigan wolverines fan. i love to talk and listen to others i am a humble person with a great mind waiting to meet the right friend out there who is wiling to hear my life story.. later on in my life i want to publish 2 novels and a self help book for kids to learn so they can learn more about life in what to expect.. well i hope you hear from some one…. sincerly

Melvin Shaw Jr.
DOC #624671

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  1. Yes, I agree, you’ve picked two great teams. But ‘prolly’ isn’t going to cut it when you’re writing your self help books.
    So here’s the deal. Life sentences are for only one crime. Murder.
    And 8 years ago you were a teenager, not the usual sentence for a teen. 25 to life is much more common.
    So the circumstances must have been horrid, or multiple victims…4 would pretty much guarantee you life.

    You mentioned God in your post, and I do believe everybody but atheists have a deity they worship.
    But there is only one, the God of Abraham…the God I AM.
    All throughout the millennials we have been screwing this up, so Jesus was sent to redeem us. And only through His name, can we get to the Father again. I prefer Luke 6, verses 20 and on, tells us how to pray. Practice that until you are comfortable talking to God everyday.
    And always close by saying, in Jesus’s name, Amen.

    I know you have access to numerous books there, and start reading them all. The more you learn, the faster you grow.
    Get your GED first, and then start working on College material. You will be surprised at what you can learn in a few short years.
    Then start writing appeal letters. First find other cases like yours and check the sentencings and outcomes.

    Only Louisiana is civil law, and is controlled by the letter of the law. All the rest of us are common law, which means ‘precedence’ secured our sentencing. After finding other cases which were either not given life sentences, or have been reduced. Practice what it was that got them reduced…it is usually called ‘for good behavior’.

    I wrote almost 60 appeal letters for inmates when I was incarcerated, and helped a lot of inmates overturn their convictions, as well as getting others reduced sentences. By doing this, I had years knocked off my own. Do this for yourself first, because you are the man who needs help. Then you can help others.
    As always, God Bless you and keep you.


  2. Hey Melvin: Hope you are having a good day. I noticed you liked Steelers and Wolverines. Is football your main team sport?
    I’m ok with watching football at times, but hockey is my first, with baseball in second place. Of course, being in Canada, hockey seems a natural for most sport fans. It’s the playoffs just starting now, it gets even more interesting.
    Take care of yourself sir,
    God Bless.


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