Trying To Understand A Woman by Jason Ferguson

I was always taught that in a relationship that trust and communication was two major principle in assuring that a relationship is healthy. If I’m wrong then I need you all assistant because I don’t know why its a problem for a man to have female friends. I’m 36yrs old and if a woman isn’t able to trust her man then why remain in a relationship.
I’ve studied a little psychology and understand how the brain works. But I don’t know why when a woman is insecure about a certain part of her self. Why not do something about it, rather than just complain about the issue. Where you’re skinny or thick, if your man is satisfied with your beauty what’s the issue?
Now I can understand if you’re wanting to get your body together for yourself, then do something about it. But I just want to know why a woman don’t feel comfortable about a man having female friends. Especially when I’m a faithful man. Should I just remain single or not. You can see pics of me on my facebook at jason_ferguson@yahoo. com!

Jason Ferguson
DOC #A408-970


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