Jason Jones

Out of sight/Out of mind……Left for dead: by Jason Jones

During these almost twelve yrs my of incarceration I’ve had family and friends who have fell out of my life. Ones who I always thought would be by side. I will never understand how people who’ve been here for me my whole life, by my side through thick and thin, could just “leave me for dead” as they say, here in prison. I don’t understand why it is so hard to stay in touch w/a person while they’re locked up when they made it a point to stay in touch while I was free. Whats the difference? I mean I know the difference between being free and being incarcerated but what makes the communication aspect so different? When I had my freedom family and freinds always called or came by to check on me and they were concerned about my well being but now its like I don’t even matter. Even my marriage couldn’t withstand the difficulties of being incarcerated after we took a vow for better or worse, thick and thin, sickness and health and to death do us part. Well I guess prison was the gun and the sentence the judge gave me was the bullet because my marriage only lasted on a little over two yrs. And friends who,’ve been here from day, ones who’ve been in my life for twenty plus yrs have just up and disappeared. You would think family, because they’re blood, would always be there for you, but thats far from true. I come to learn that blood only makes you related, loyalty is what makes you family. Even though I’m speaking about my personal experience I believe its safe to say I’m speaking about an experience that a lot of people who have been and who are incarcerated, have been through. You learn who is really true and loyal to you when you’re at your worst because when things become out of sight, they soon become out of mind and it makes you feel like you’ve been left for dead.

Jason Jones
DOC #a523-762

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  1. Hey Jason. Obviously, I don’t know you or your family/friends. I am sorry though that you’re feeling abandoned. It’s not a nice feeling. The only thing I would say is that remember that people on the outside are under different pressures to you. You need to bear with each other and try to understand the different perspectives. I’ll share a story of mine that maybe relates to you. My sister recently went through a hard time, losing her job and her marriage at the same time. She was really low. She wanted me to do things with her all time time- call her, go out with her, etc. But I was working two jobs, trying to make rent, go to school, look after a family. I was getting fed up with what I saw as her being needy. We fell out. But looking back, I see that we were just in such different places in our lives. For her time was crawling by. And time was racing for me, being tired all the time. we each thought the other was in the wrong. Try to meet your family/friends in the middle and understand each other. You don’t want to lose people out of your life!


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