Tyreis Friend

Introducing Tyreis Friend

Hi, my name is Tyreis Friend. I’m 32 born August 27, 1985. I was admitted July 10, 2003 and my possible release date is October 8, 2021. I’m originally from Chicago, Ill. Go Bulls, Cubs, Blackhawks, and Loyola’s Ramblers. I’m an avid reader of all genres. I love poetry and composing it. I come from a loving family and anyone I call a friend, I include them in that title. I’ve been through some troubling times in my life, especially with my incarceration at such a young age. Though I’ve found a stride of maturity that has allowed me to blossom in step with my generation. Thanks to my spiritual foundation and the support from those alike. I love to laugh but even more so, I love to be the reasons for it. I can be contacted at: Tyreis Friend #453-975, S.O.C.F, P.O. Box 45699 Lucasville, Ohio 45699 or Jpay.com. Thank you.

Tyreis Friend
DOC #453-975


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  1. Hi Tyreis, I love poetry too. Glad you enjoy reading and writing- that would be useful on the inside. Hope you keep writing.


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