Marquis Silvera



My Name Marquis. I Have Four Years For An Felonious Assault I’m 23 Years Old I Have My G.E.D I’m Smart, Outgoing, Down To Earth, Funny, PeoplePerson, Etc My Height I’m 5″2 I Weight 180 Cocky. I’m Brown Skin I Have An Low Cut Hair Cut Waves360 I Have Tattoos (Inky) L.o.L I Was Born 1995 My Birth Day April 3rd. I’m From Toledo Ohio I Have 3 Kids 3 Little BabyGirls Name Dhestinie Lilyona & Maniah. Dhestinie 5Years Old Lilyona 3Years Old & Maniah 2Years Old. They Mean The World To Me. I Had To Realize I’m Not Living For Myself No More I’m Living For Them Now. Its Not About Me No More When I Made Them They Aint Ask To Be Here. And I’m So Upset With Myself For Coming To Prison And Leaving My Baby’s Out There Without An Father. Aint No Other Man Going Love Them Like Me. I Have 7 Siblings My Father Pass When I Was 12Years Old From An Car Accident. He Lived For 3Days After The Accident Then Passed On 12/28/07 (Birth Date 04/03/65) (Passed Date 12/28/07) But I Still Have My Mother Here Yayyy Thank God. And I Love Her So Much Cause She Always There When I Need Her NoMatter What. She’s My Mother&Father Now That My Father Passed. But Um On Top Of All That Me Coming To Prison This Prison Life Its Been So Stressful For Me Specially Where I’m At (Lebanon Correctional Institution) Its So Nasty And Here. We Lock Down All Day. Being Lock Down And These Cells All Day A Drive A Person Crazy. We Barely Can Talk To Are Love One. They Treat Us Like A Nobody. Like We Dogs Or Something. Talk To Us Any Kinda Way But Want Us To Respect Them. How I Was Raise Up You Had To Give Respect To Get Respect Straight Like That. If Not You Going Have A Hard Time And Life. But I Try And Not Let That Stuff We Go Thru And Live And Here Make Me Or Break Me. You Can Learn Something New Everyday If You Pay Attention. If Not It Will Cost You Dearly And A Long Run. I Set Goals To Reach NoMatter What It Is And Make Sure No One Come Between That Goal. Tryna Become A Better Person Inside And Outside And Do Something Different I Educate Myself Everyday. What Dont Kill You Make You Stronger. I Had A Girlfriend Name (Jamela Warren) She Was A Smart, Beautiful, Funny,PeoplePerson, OutGoing, Down To Earth, Young Lady. But She Left Me When I Got This Four Years. She Said She Couldn’t Do The Time With Me. I Was So Sad And Down Like The World Had Just Ended. And Just So Upset And Mad At Her For A While. Thinking How Could She Just Do Me Like This It Hurted Me So Bad. I Couldn’t Eat Sleep Or Do Nothing Without Thinking About Her. But As Time Went By My Pain Healed. And I ForGave Her. She Will Always Be My Friend First BeFor AnyThing NoMatter What Happen. I Still Love Her. But Um I Have Three Different BabyMama’s Oh Man!!! They A Pain And The But!! My First BabyMama Her Name Chequila R. Sims But Every One Calls Her Kella I Have An Beautiful Babygirl With Her Name Dhestinie Cierra Silvera. She Barely Let Me See My Daughter Dhestinie. Whenever We Get Into It She Keep Her From Me Which Are Not Right At All. My Second Babymama Name Deztiny V. Primas But Every One Calls Her Dez I Have An Beautiful Babygirl With Her Name Lilyona May Silvera. What I Can Say About My Second Babymama She Make Sure My Daughter Know Me And Make Sure I Spend Time With Her And Make Sure I Teach Her Things Only A Man Can Teach Her. Like Never Like A Man Treat You Any Kinda Way You Are A Queen And Deserve To Be Treated Like One. My Three Babymama Name Sharda M. Dunlap Every One Calls Her Just Sharda I Have An Beautiful Babygirl With Her Name Maniah Sadie Silvera. What I Can Say About Her Is She Would Never Keep Me Away From My Babygirl She Keep Me And Touch With Her. But I’m Just Fed Up With All The Drama They Bring With It. Thats All The More I Have To Get My Life Together And Get My Rights. I Know I Have Did Alot Of Wrong. But I Also Did Alot Of Good. And Deep Down Inside I Have A Good Heart. I Have Came A LongWay From The Struggle. And I Have So Much Anger Build Up And Hate. I Just Want To Live My Life And Be Happy. People Always Want To Judge You For Your Pass When You Tryna Become A Better Person. And Dont Even Give You An Chance. Only God Can Judge Me. Everyone Are Not Perfect.

Ps Hope You Guys Like My Blogg And W/B Soon Enjoy Your Evening


Marquis Silvera
DOC# A724-038

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