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Dear readers,My friends and family call me Born.It’s the abbreviated version of my righteous name.I study the teachings of what’s known as the Nation of Gods and Earths.Some know it as The Five Percenters or The Five Percent Nation.I have been incarcerated for the last 16 years.I will be leaving prison in July of 2022 which is 4 years,3 months from now.This will be the completion of a twenty year sentence for crimes that the evidence proves that I could not have committed because I was elsewhere when the alleged crimes were committed.A grimey ass chic that I had transporting guns to New York for me stole $20,000 and then lied to the cops to get me locked for 20 years.The streets and the jails saw through it and stuck with me though.I learned how to represent myself in the Courts but it took ten year before I got good enough at it to make things happen . I found out that my Public Defender purposefully threw my trial to return a previous favor when I filed a complaint against the Prosecutor and the Public Pretender(He didn’t defend shit in my situation) who failed to represent me with the Ohio Supreme Court Disciplinary Council.I started doing the writing thing after I got put in the hole for a few months back in 2006 because I was bored back there. I started contemplating being a writer as a career choice after different people said that they were feeling my style.In 2013,I inked my 1st deal with a company called Educated Thug Publications.My first book on Amazon is titled THE INCARCERATED 7’s Anthology Volume #1 by Robert Goldwire aka Professor Born Supreme(see my old page at Facebook/Author Robert Born Goldwire and Google THE INCARCERATED 7’s to find the book and see pics of me).I compiled that book to give myself and others a voice from our position. It felt empowering to know that I gave 16 Authors a platform to be heard without having to worry about being censored or muzzled by the prison authorities.Eventually,the prison officials found a way to justify raising my security level due to the impact of the book on the prisons.They punished me for inspiring the masses and speaking out.There is a lot of foul shit that is happening in here.Since it goes on behind closed gates,the public never sees it raw and uncut.I decided to post on this blog to give you an authentic glimpse behind these walls. If you have a loved one in here,this could become a valuable resource.If you don’t, It can just be food for thought or an alternative source of information.Who do you know that can convey this experience to you from this point of view?I want you to research,discuss and share what I post about.I am currently housed at a place called Lebanon Correctional Institution, so,google it.It is in Lebanon,Ohio.We call it LEB or LEBANON.LEB is one of Ohio’s most violent prisons.It has been featured in a film by National Geographic,Its been on a show called Hard Time on the Justice Channel and its been on Locked Down.(google these online and watch one).Prisoners are routinely subjected to both physical and psychological abuse at the hands of the employees that work here.As a result,most of the prisoners here have become savages in the pursuit of happiness.Leb is a scientifically engineered environment.The prisoners are being conditioned to become violent with each other to justify the administrations use of excessive force.The Officers exaggerate responses to common fights and then their union representatives at a union called the Ohio Civil Service Employees Association broker contracts for them with the Ohio D.R.C.every three years.They use the incidents to justify asking for more $ under the guise of increased security concerns,etc…Since only 83% of the prisoners can read and write beyond a 3rd grade level,the prisoners at LEB seldom know how to legally address the abuses with any success. I filed a lawsuit regarding an issue of ongoing Theological discrimination last year.The lawsuit made me a target. Log onto and pay $4.66.You can read my entire civil suit on this site.Its listed under item #15 on the courts docket list. The Director of Ohio’ DRC is a man named Gary C.Mohr.I am listed as the PLAINTIFF under Goldwire vs.Mohr the U.S District Court of Ohio Southern District,Eastern Division, case no.2:17-cv-64..You can tell from reading my civil case that I’m a very sincere person. I am determined to get my conviction overturned,and create my own Publishing Company before I get released from prison,so,I will.I already have a finished unpublished digital manuscript called CONSEQUENCE OF THE STREETS.It’s an autobiography about me coming of age on the streets of New York during the golden years of hip hop(1986-1992).I know that it will sell alot of copies because it feels like your watching a movie when your reading it.We did alot of crazy shit as kids in my hood ,and ,I captured some of that energy on paper! Right now,I’m working on publishing this manuscript,but,I need help getting it out.If your out there feeling me or you want to do business with me,contact me online at:Robert Goldwire#A437452/,by U.S mail,I’m at Robert Goldwire#437452, 56,Lebanon,Ohio,45036.I’m a qualified builder representing my culture to the fullest extent behind these gates.I’m striving to build a highly refined team of people who are willing and able to represent me at the business table out there until I can that for myself .I have alot of writings and i’m about to expand into video with a documentary I’m doing from prison. I just did an interview that appears in Issue #1 of a publication called FRESH KULTURE BLOGAZINE.Their website is posted at: can read that and see that I’m making serious moves from here.I’m trying to leave prison with no less than $250,000. With the right people on my team,4 years is enough time to make a lot happen from this position.All I need is an opportunity.

DOC #A437452

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