Ennie McGlown Jr.

Introducing Ennie McGlown Jr.

“All about me”

Hello world and please bare with me as I give you a small redition of who I am. My name is Ennie Ray McGlown Jr. and I was born September 22,1969 to my mother Bonnie Lee McGlown and father Ennie Ray McGlown Sr. Life isn.t always fair nor is the expectation either. I’m 48 years old and I’ve been incarcerated for 12 years now with a little more to go. I got locked up Feb. 4, 2006 and my out date is Jan. 2042. I have six children; (3) girls and (3) boys of which I have limited contactwith and others no contact. I hope to have my family back some day soon and as long as there’s breath in my body, there’s a chance for change. I enjoy writing and thinking about how life can be better with a little effort and ambition. Well I hope this letter reaches you safely.


Ennie McGlown Jr.
DOC #548-548

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