Christopher Wright

Introducing Christopher Wright

My name is Christopher L. Wright, I am 23 years old and currently serving an 8 year term. My intake date was 6-10-15 and my outdate as of now is 12-28-22. I am currently in a drug and alcohol program that gives me the chance to earn credited days so it is subject to change by the month.

A little about myself: I am a outside person that loves to workout. I feel that exercising is the main ingredient to a positive adventurous day. I like chess because it exercises my brain. I try my best to be open-minded and like everyone for who they are, but I do not like Trump lol. I like to laugh and read to learn as much as I possibly can, and just enjoy the life that I have.
You can contact me via jpay email: Christopher Wright #a671-390

Christopher Wright #a671-390
P.O. BOX 120


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