Marcellus Henry

can’t wait by Marcellus T. Henry

you have to excuse me right now I’m in my feelings cause I’m listening to I belong to you by rome now the new generation might not know who that is but for all the old heads you know what’s up. I can’t wait to find that special lady that I can make happy and she can do the same for me. see I don’t have kids but I want some so that I can be the father to them that I never had growing up I know that I would be a great dad to them I just can’t wait to have a family of my own. waking up next to my lady making her breakfast in bed giving her all the love that I have in me. man prison will change a man real talk cause you miss the simple things in life like the smell of a woman her soft touch the curves of her body and god knows I love a curvey woman just holding her in my arms you don’t know what you really got till it’s gone. prison will try to get inside of your head if you let it only the strong survive and I’m going to do everything in my power not to come back cause I don’t have time for all this madness.

Marcellus T. Henry
DOC #606-018


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