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ANOTHER WALL By Bobby Irelan

I haven’t spoken in a while.. I guess I’ve been on this trip.. I accidently disappear. its a mechanism I’m positive.. I’ve been on some other stuff tho. I was turning this over this morning.

..Psalms 68:5-6 “A father to the fatherless, and a judge of the widows, is God in His holy habitation. (6)God setteth the solitary in families : He bringeth out those that are bound with chains. But the rebellious dwell in a dry land.”

A short meditation on these words brings a stream of images to the mind. any time I present an instance of the Widow, we have to automatically let it become a timeless picture– such is the nature of the soul.
The widow represents a certain spiritual status, an estate that is specifically set apart thru out the scriptures– and ultimately in the world.
as we remember Numbers 30:9, and the vow of the widow, and the clause that it “shall stand against her” , we can understand the words here, “and a judge to the widows” as the fulfillment of the law.. the law that -“it shall stand against her”
A lot of times -judgement- feels ominous, because it seems to imply punishment.. but that would only be looking at it one-sided. What is not considered is that the judgement here, is better conceived if we understand that once a price is paid, we are free of that debt. Essentially we are out from under that Karma. and better for it due to the transformation that takes place on the path away from and back to spiritual cleanliness.
I have to add that for Christianity, the biggest testimony of their Faith is that Christ took their sins upon himself.. that He himself paid the price. That we are free from the debt that, we are told, would have condemned us unto death. death of the soul.
What also must be added is that that possibility is a product of the same statutes set up in Numbers 30.. namely verse 15.. as applied to the bride whose husband disallows “her” vows and in turn must “shall bear her iniquity” .
iniquity being, the consequences of sin.
In conclusion, I point out that the church is called the “Bride of Christ”– which allows the annulment of her debt..
a widow is not a bride any longer.
For the widow to be judged by God is a blessing in disguise.. the disguise, of course, is that it looks like a curse.. it looks like pain.. its face is one of suffering. But behind the mask of time, eternity sighs and blinks.
“He bringeth out those that are bound with chains” chains of karmic debt. We have to make this real in our minds.. We are the sum of a thousand lives. Whoever cannot realize this fact are “the rebellious”
Dry land is the material world of the day mind.
can you see the picture clearer with these colors?
I’m sure it demands a preface, but the hints are in place.. To be honest, its not that easy to keep up sharing sometimes..
I want to, I just don’t even know if its being received.
don’t blame me for the feeling. I get tired of talking to effen walls.

Bobby Irelan
DOC #F59719

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