Ronald Murphy

FRESH by Ronald Murphy

Sometimes its hard to try and start fresh and become better cause of all the bullshit around you but its the only way we can change snd be who we are suppose to be! theres nothing i want more than to become better be the man im suppose to be and i will but its so hard and challenging. u have to have some kind of support around you and people who will help you fight and i think thats what im lacking but i will not let that defeat me and my future, i hope to soon meet some one who i can share and laugh with someone who will need me as i will them!! But til then ill continue to fight to become Ronnie become FRESH!!

Ronald Murphy
DOC #695616

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  1. Hi Ronnie! I think it’s great that you truly desire to become a better person and are willing to work at it. Have you talked to God about it? Do you read his Word? He can make us new and transform us by his Spirit! I pray he will bless you in your quest.


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