Adam Hudson

Lost & Afraid by Adam Hudson

I travel down the only road that I know,
shadderd dreams and broken truths.
Walking around late at night aimlessly,
afraid of what I might see during day lighl.
I hear everyone, but I see no one,
suddenly I feel lost an all alone.
I’m on bended knee.looking at the ravens above praying,
lord help me brake these chains and save my soul or at least what remains.

Adam Hudson #737.672
P.O. Box. 56
Lebanon, OH. 45036


Categories: Adam Hudson, INMATE POEMS

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  1. Learn this prayer. You need a set of rosary beads. You can substitute your own version of the beads if regular beads are not available to you. Take time to learn this off. Pray it once a day until learnt. Can be many weeks trying before you get comfortable with it. Once learnt, 10 minutes does it start t finish. Praying this just once for those about to die will save your soul.
    Won’t save you from purgatory but it will keep you out of hell – Jesus promised this.


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