Jason Jones

Lessons Learned: by Jason Jones

Why is it that we always compare our current significant other w/ our exes? Or why do we always judge the next person by the last? That’s not healthy nor is it fare to the next person. Every one deserves their own chance. All though peolpe may have some of the same similarities, no two people are the same, neither are relashonships regardless of how similar they may seem. Just because your last treated you badly, doesn’t mean the next will. Just because your last did something a certain way doesn’t mean your next will. We have to use past relashonships as growing experiences and learn something from them. Instead of comparing or looking at them as failures, see them as “lessons learned”in order to make the best of your current or next relashonship.

Jason Jones
DOC #a523-762

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  1. What a great attitude you have, Jason. Life offers us all many opportunities to learn and grow. Wish you well on your life journe


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