Michael Payne

Introducing Michael Payne

Hello Blogger Nation. Michael A. Payne is my name. I am 49 yrs. old currently held at Lebanon Correction Institution at 3791 State Route 63 P.O. Box 56 Lebanon,Ohio 45036. My inmate number is A-594-914 now all of you people cancontact me back. I came to prison on 1-24 2011 and i get released 1-24-24 horray! Now allow me to hip you all on the real truth about the criminal justice system that you all can verify and compare to your criminal justice system at the places you reside at currently. TITLED “COUNTERFEIT FELONY INDICTMENT PONZI SCAM MACHINE ENDORSED A TRUE BILL BY THE PROSECUTER TO MAKE PEOPLE BELEIVE THAT THEY HAVE BEEN INDICTED FOR A FELONY CRIME BY A GRAND JURY WHEN IN FACT YOU HAVE ALL BEEN DEFRAUDE OUT OF THE LIFE YOU HAVE WHILE PEOPLE GAINED AN ILLEGAL INCOME OFF OF YOUR IGNORANCE TO THE LAW\ PONZI SCAM. will continue in a moment.

Michael Payne
DOC #A-594-914


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