Quentin Dillard

excuses equal results by: Quentin Dillard

I use to find myself with every excuse in the book to avoid something or someone that may be good for me or my health to make me a better person.I used the passing of my wife and my incarceration to put me in a dangerous sparrow where I didn’t care about my mind, body, soul and spiritual well being.It got to the point where I noticed that this is not the results,that I wanted out of my life.
If you stubborn like me this make your life mission very difficult. Bad habits are hard to recognize because we use them as layers to mask pain, lost or things we don’t like about ourselves. The longer we stay on courses like this, the harder it become for you or I to get the results we aim for in life.
Once I recognized the core of my excuses I slowly begun to change the bad behavior that cause the results.
Don’t allow your excuses to become your results!

Quentin Dillard
DOC #A452749


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