Prison realities (Song) by Zachery Matthews

Chorus: locked up locked down depends on how you see it/ can’t make no calls, collect is off, phone time is depleted/ locked up locked down/ seems like we’re going through it/ gotta take some pills or make some deals simply to.get through it//
V1. thought I was dreaming when them doors closed shut/ I heard some screaming when I first woke up/ mediocre jury man they took away my life/ now everyday finding a new way to survive/ that buzzer rings and now I’m forced to stand up/ wish I would’ve had the fam to put them bands up/ cause now I’m staring at these empty bins cause that money that they promised wasn’t sent//
V2. Swore she would hold me down until the day she didn’t/ My homies warned me that I couldn’t trust these bitches/ 9 yrs in she been here since day one/ now I wanna violate this bitch she on the run/ I try to call but she won’t pick up/ left me with some letters and a bunch of pictures/ now I’m selling them to fill these empty bins/ cause that money she promised wasn’t sent//

Zachery Matthews #209462
5329 Osgood
Stillwater, Mn 55082
email. Zachery Matthews


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