Dennis Ray

Mid-Knight Star Part #3 by Dennis Ray

Inspired by this new development, it’s my hope that you might walk among these word’s and turn this marvelous transformation into a marvelous reality.
Perhaps, when you get comfortable and relax we can establish a firm foundation of understanding. Perhaps, this introduction will offer you , some small part of myself . As I seek to illuminate the terrain on which we now stand. Rather than sell you a dream. I would much rather serve you with true dedication. Because this is no fantasy, but and essential part of your intelligence. When you meet the right man you will offer the proper response. Now ,before you embrace any foreign role of interest. Please remember that the same love that you invest, is the same love to be reflected back and experienced throughout a life time ! Because we all deserve devotion. So all praises be to all the teacher that bring true love to Mid Knight ! Inspired by these particular lyrics my conscious impulse is to draw you near. Hoping you are inclined to acknowledge the vibe that has been transmitted. Elevated by this conscious stream of diversity, my purpose is to share God’s goodness and find my queen ! So if you can hear my word’s today ? Please take my hand and open a door of understanding ! And for that reason, you will forever have my sincere gratitude ! With the warm thought’s of having you and to hold… The beloved Prophet, Mid Knight Star*

Dennis Ray
DOC #661634

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