Kevin Freeman

Introducing Kevin Freeman

My name is Kevin Freeman, I’m 25 years old. I entered the joint 8/26/2013 and get released 8/11/2021. However my out date is subject to change by getting good days. If you so happen to like what you see or hear you can contact me on jpay: Kevin Freeman #a699384. or write a letter 120, Lebanon, Ohio
How is the world of great individuals!?! Me im content just lonely on this long journey of mind, looking for a friend to take my hand and walk by my side so we can share similar experiences. I believe every one has a story to tell and with the help of a wonderful person at heart, I get to tell my life experiences with the world. I’m a Black Male from Cincinnati Ohio, born in raised. Truth be told I cant stand that city. Growing up i played football & basketball I’m very athletic, I can play about any thing. Well I don’t wanna say to much on my introduction, Just follow me I can promise its gone get deep and interesting. Peace & Much Love.

Kevin Freeman
DOC #a699384

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