Christopher Long

True Islam (By Christopher Long)

In this world we I’ve in today there is alot of prejudice against Muslims all over the world. I found true Islam in 2006, the reason I say true Islam is because growing up I was subject to the ways of Nation of Islam which is not the true Islam I have come to learn and love dearly. I left America in 1987 at the tender age of 6 months. I moved to England along with my mother and two sisters and shortly after my father followed us to England. Growing up my father would preach the ways of the Nation of Islam which were to hate the white man, the white man is the devil and a lot more. Having this pumped into your head everyday as a child is enough to have your mind built with anger and rage. My father would tell me to never bring him a white grandchild, what he meant by this was to never have a child with a white girl. Now I used to always think to myself what is it about white people, I just couldn’t understand which is why I was so drawn towards them. As of today I have a 13 year old daughter who’s mother is white and my best friend I grew up with is white lol. Now this is where I found true Islam, In 2006 I was sentenced to 4 years to life in England I served 8 years and was deported back to America in 2014 after 26 years of my life being away from this country. Being in prison I met a lot of good Muslim brothers who taught me a lot about Islam because up until then I knew nothing about my religion. I came across Muslims who were white who believed in what I believed in, so this is where I realised everything that was being pumped into my head as a child was all wrong. How is it true when I’m standing here praying to Allah and I can see more than 10 white Muslim brothers standing in the ranks with me, feet to feet shoulders to shoulder. I finally knew I had found true Islam and I thank Allah for leading me to the right path of success. I have a beautiful 13 year old daughter who is mixed race. The moral of my story is if I hadn’t of found true Islam my thinking pattern would of certainly been messed up and I could have passed this on to my generations to come. Never take what someone tells you for the full truth. In life if you doubt something do your own research and come to your own conclusion because some people can have bad intentions in life. I can tell you Islam has given me guidance, truth and has taught me a lot of patients. No race is superior than the other we are all equal in Allah’s eyes.
As Salaamu Alaykum

Christopher Long
DOC #683306


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  1. I think it is awesome how you’ve learned not to hate, but I’d like to ask you a couple questions. I know that Islam reads from the Quran, so my question is, does the Quran (I’ve never read it myself but heard about it) contradict the way you now believe vs the the way you were taught growing up? I ask because it seems to me that by the way you have changed, it sounds more consistent from what Jesus/the bible teaches. Sincerely, a former inmate.


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