Dennis Ray

Mid Knight Star Part #2 by Dennis Ray

Dearly, Beloved : Please accept this application as part of my profile. Currently my position has been to make myself more tangible, in light of my situation. Perhaps this invitation speak’s volumes of a hospitality, long ago forgotten. Why should this ancient language be lost between the the pages of time. Let us take on this new ability to embrace a translation of constant elevation. Even with this encrypted alert . Perhaps, with the proper recognition, one will not fail to keep step, with this new and exciting adventure. After all God has saved the best for last. So if you feel this is you step into your destiny ! Haven’t I given you 10 reasons to comprehend my existence ? And if not may God spread his feathers and shelter you under His wing’s… Psalm:91-4

Sincerely Yours,

Dennis H. Ray
DOC #661-634


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  1. From blooming rose to howling storm,
    And gently dropping dew;
    A voice of power that sings of Him,
    To Whom all praise is due.
    Both sun and moon, they rise and fall,
    Vales, woods and meadows bloom;
    Our Lord and God Who made them all,
    To show His wondrous name.

    Springs from the hills, run down below,
    Fill valley, brook and stream;
    All shout with joy, with praise o’erflow,
    Revealing God’s great scheme.

    Alas, the glory of our God,
    In all its power is seen;
    Rebellious man is reconciled,
    In Jesus Christ, God’s Son.

    (© James R Hamilton, written 17th, April, 2014)


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