Dennis Ray

Mid Knight Star by Dennis Ray

As of this date and time , I ‘am facing 7 years for burglary & robbery :Which I hope to have over turned .I was incarcerated in 2014 my out date is 2021.
I ‘am now being housed at Lebanon C.I. , P. O. Box 56, Lebanon, OH.45036
I come straight out of Brooklyn, New York. My decision to appear on this website is to request the fellow ship of and understanding hearot. For it’s written , seek and you will find, ask and it shall be given, knock and the door shall open . As you witness my revelation within this market place . I will not stand by idle. Being of sound mind and body , at 56 years old. My hobbies are Reading , writing , chess , kung-Fu , boxing , swimming and dancing. My chocolate chip bomb shell, stand’s at 5foot 9″ inches, 195 pounds of pure muscles. I also retain a six pack . Being one of the greatest poet’s that has ever lived leaves more to the imagination , than that which will appear to the physical eye ! Perhaps , this invitation will offer you and opportunity of a life time , to meet the true and living , prophet Mid Knight Star.

Dennis H. Ray
DOC #661-634


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  1. Seek ye the Lord, call on His name;
    With strength call unto God,
    With firm resolve, make Him your aim,
    Until you own Him Lord.

    Seek ye the Lord, O don’t give in,
    With all your heart and mind;
    Keep pressing on, until you win,
    Until you know He’s kind.

    Seek ye the Lord, with urgency,
    He is so very near;
    Knock on His door with fervency,
    With wholesome godly fear.

    Seek ye the Lord, O seek Him now,
    O seek the heavenly prize;
    Before His Christ, do humbly bow,
    His Son do not despise.

    Seek ye the Lord, He’ll open up,
    Heaven’s door to all who call;
    Who ask, who seek, who knock and knock,
    In faith before Him fall.

    (© Jimmy Hamilton – written November, 2003)


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