George Gonzales II

Introducing George Gonzales, II

~ Introduction ~

Hello, and welcome to my very first blog post on – For those of you who have followed me in the past on FB, this will be my new mode of virtual transportation. I would first like to say hello to my family! I want you all to know that I have been staying busy and I am still writing. I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve been able to post on a regular basis.

Now, on to the Intro!

I write under the pen name of G_Allen2 (or G2 for short) – I write on various topics, including: Inspirational, Spiritual, Religion, Personal Development, Humor, Poetry, Songs and some Fiction.

I am 42 turning 43 on Dec. 4th. I’m doing time at Marion Correctional Institution in Marion, Ohio. My prison stay has lasted me for 11 years thus far and I might be here for the rest of my life. My next parole date is February of 2022. I’ve taken every program that I can. I’ve even facilitated classes and have been a mentor for several years. While incarcerated, I’ve never been in any major trouble and haven’t committed a minor violation in over 5 years.

I am currently the secretary for our local (on site) chapter of the NAACP, an active member of Toastmaster’s International, and am a 4.0 student at Marion Technical College. I live a busy and active life while behind these walls. In my free time I write (of course), design games, and study various topics such as: spirituality/religion, psychology, history (1800-1930 US is my Favorite). I’m working on several ongoing projects which include several games (Board, Card, Apps, and PC); a humorous book; A fictional series; a comic strip, and two graphic novels (What? I’ve got aspirations!). I might post some previews. Additionally, I have been studying Astrology for over 5 years (I can cast and interpret charts). For fun, I play MTG (Magic the Gathering – Card Game) when I just need to unwind and get my mind off of everything else.

My goals while incarcerated are to continue working on my personal development, be the best person that I possibly can, and do my best to make a positive and lasting impact in this community.
Eventually, if released, my goal is to become an All-Faith’s Councillor and Spiritual Writer/Speaker.

Please comment on my writings 🙂

Thank You for Viewing!

George Gonzales, II
DOC #A556872


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  1. “Ye must be born again,” he said,
    Raised from your tomb of sin and death;
    Jesus, your ever-living Head,
    He died to put in you His Breath.

    “Ye must be born again,” or stay,
    Without the true and living Bread;
    Far from His love and righteous way,
    Lost and condemned, forever dead.

    “Ye must be born again,” or be,
    Faced with God’s all-consuming ire;
    Prepared to face, the agony;
    Of being lost, forever more.

    “Ye must be born again,” he said,
    Jesus who loves and makes this plea;
    Who wants you to, by him be led,
    Cry, “God be merciful to me.”

    (© James R. Hamilton, written Friday, 1st, August, 2003)


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