Carttavious Qualls

Introducing Carttavious M. Qualls

My name is Carttavious M. Qualls. Age:22 D.O.B:3-29-96 doc#00629995 I was arrested on 12-9-09 and my release date is 10-14-2020

Well I am from a small town Springhill,la located in northwest louisiana I love writing music im a very conscious person I recently met my father in prison and at an young age I can honesty say im more mature than the average 22 yr. old I obtained my High school diploma in the prison im in now I love reading I love learning new things. I consider myself a very open minded person. I was raised by a single mom and I have 5 other siblings, 4 sisters and and one older brother. Im looking to give advice to people my age and im single, have no children. My facebook is Carttavious (freestyle king) Qualls lookin to be a aid to anyone whom may need advice or just a friend to talk with.
thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my story and any other things I’ve learned.

Im a inmate at Raymond Laborde Correctional Center. My address here is 1630 prison road Cottonport, Louisiana 71327 and Im housed in Cajun 3 dorm on A-2 teir.

Carttavious Qualls
DOC #00629995


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  1. Carttavious, your name is unique. Wear it well. It’s your right as your mother has given you this name. Let no man take that from you. At the end of the day…….GOD has the last word. Isaiah 54:17 No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. Place God first in everything that you do and you will not fail. If you make a mistake, remember we are not perfect, get back up and try it again. Now, this is the time you need to start planning. How do you see your future? Give yourself a timeframe in which you want to accomplish these things.
    It’s hard out here Carttavious. I struggle every day but you know what? I will not give up. I stay prayed up and stay keep myself aligned with the right people.
    If it’s in your heart to do right. It will happen. Never let anyone tell you what you can not do. You can accomplish all things with GOD’s help. I wish you luck!


  2. Carttavious, man that is a mouth full. I don’t even know how to shorten it. But then you add (the King), so I don’t know who you’re expecting to help, unless it’s into a gang, instead of ‘out of’.
    So, just in case you do get the opportunity to assist others through your experiences in two and half years when you are released, I would hope you’ll have dropped ‘the king’ part, and maybe even remove a T from your name. If you do love to study, then you know that you are the only double T in the world. Your name means etymology, which directs us to the origins of word usages. Perhaps it’s something your parents did with all of you, adding an extra letter to your names to make you more unique?
    But you can certainly see that you are not unique by your living quarters can’t you.

    Probably the worst 4 months of my life was being held in New Iberia in 1989. A 200 year old plaster prison with no windows, and you had to fight the cockroaches for your bed at night. Out of my 14 months of incarceration, only Detroit rivaled it as to the ignorant and violent behaviors of the inmates. And although I did have to kill somebody, they got even (inmates) by raping and killing a young white boy his first week there. That was the last person I ever killed, and I wouldn’t have done it if he hadn’t threatened my life first.

    So here’s the deal. Louisiana or not, children across this country are turning more and more to drugs and street violence, because they have nothing else to do. Unemployment is at staggering proportions, near 20%, meaning less and less money coming into the households for better education and entertainment programs for the kids. Therefore they have to rob and steal most of what they can get their hands on.
    When you get out, if you get out, enroll in a community services center, and at the local gym’s so as to meet these children before they make the wrong choices. For every kid working out in a gym, they know 20 more that are on the streets. Then your experience and love can have a chance to connect with them, and perhaps save their lives, as well as the lives who would have become their victims.

    I fear you will find animosity towards me and this letter, however this is nothing I wouldn’t say to my own children and my best of friends. We are all one people on one planet. I truly did try to find favor and love from your blog, but I felt there was too much ego and arrogance to allow me to. And if God chooses to chastise me for it, then so be it. I will accept my punishment for speaking my mind, as HE has always known me to.
    Two and a half years is a long time, enough to get the first year of college out of the way. Which will show those who you attempt to ingratiate and befriend that you are truly the man you say you are.
    As always, God Bless you and keep you. And forgive me my indulgence, as I have forgiven you yours.


  3. Teach us O Lord, to hate our sin,
    To see the lawlessness it is;
    Our greatest enemy within,
    To loathe and flee from every vice.

    Teach us O Lord, Thy hate for sin,
    The untold evil in each fault;
    Against Thy holiness Divine,
    Worthy of darkness and torment.

    Teach us O Lord, to flee from sin,
    To see the venom, burning sores;
    To see the evil, sinful sin,
    And that before Thy wrath outpours.

    Teach us O Lord, to run to Christ,
    His wounded side and piercêd hands;
    Who lived and died to pay the price,
    To break the power of evil’s bands.

    (© James R. Hamilton, written Friday, 24th, December, 2004)

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