Barry Woods

Introducing Barry Woods

Hi my name is Barry..
Some consider me to be the streets advocate which in turn most call me Advo or Vo for short..
Im a 34 year old Leo with most describe as a gift… That gift being the ability to paint pictures with my words. Nevertheless I’ll allow you to determine that for yourself.

Ive been incarcerate since 2006 where I’ll finish serving this sentence in 2021…
I am a artist in both drawing and music… I also write poetry… Ive wrote 11 urban novels and a collective thinking book. Im a father of three beautiful children, no spouse and in works of founding my own entertainment company..
For the most part im a descent guy who looks to be not only heard but understood… Hopefully you understand me or at the least atttempt to…

You can reach me at…

Barry Woods
DOC #548280


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  1. God’s friend Adam failed the test,
    History since, well you know the rest;
    He got the good but chose the bad,
    His state now in Eden was very sad.

    Under the influence tempted and drawn,
    God’s love he wilfully decided to spurn;
    Turned by the enemy, defected from God,
    God’s covenant in tatters, a broken bond.

    Adam’s free choice, the choice of his will,
    Brought death by his sin, the whole race would kill,
    Yet God is greater than man’s wilful choice,
    When Adam fell he heard Jesus’ voice.

    God’s covenant friendship with sinful man,
    On a treacherous Adam, he does not lean;
    Out of his sovereign grace through his Son,
    A covenant of grace, a much greater plan.

    Mankind left in darkness, and dead in his sin,
    Heirs to salvation by grace are being won;
    Born of God’s Spirit and united again,
    Salvation and life that never shall end.

    Restored to communion with God as his friend,
    Right from the beginning what God did intend;
    The fruit of his covenant of grace in Christ,
    Salvation, salvation by his sovereign grace!

    (© James R Hamilton, written 21st, February 2016)


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