Dennis Ray

I rise by Dennis Ray

Here is one of my newest poems I just had published. It’s called I rise, by Dennis Ray. Now as the clock strike’s twelve I’m sitting here wondering how to brush the dust of age’s from my pen to write. It makes it easier to read the message engraved in plain sight. Blanketed by this overwhelming sense of desperation. This crusade has lead me to the truth and this emphatic, leap of faith ! Why can’t you imagine all this excitement under my umbrella ? From letter to letter I would write God will bring you much more than love tonight. So I decided to brush away the Tear’s of lost year’s to embrace and understanding that would redefine this legendary journey. Perhaps when we blow out the flames of youthful materialism. This magnificent wisdom will speak volume of and understanding that will never run dry. I’ve had to put away all sort’s of game’s. To pray that love would always pull me back. But what must I do to fly ? Because I come to conquer. , I came to rise !!! Your’s Truly. The Beloved Prophet, Mid Knight Star

Dennis Ray
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  1. J is for Jesus, he’s alive from the dead,
    That’s why the Bible declares him Lord,
    He conquered sin, and death and hell,
    For all who trust him, their end will be well.

    E is for eternal, life that does not end,
    A gift to faith, to all their knee who bend;
    Life from the death of the Son of God,
    Who suffered the cross, his blood to shed.

    S is for sinners, all men without doubt,
    Come short of God’s glory, God’s way cast out;
    For such Jesus came he loved them so much,
    He paid the price, to add ’em to his church.

    U is for us, yes, that’s you me,
    We all stand before God without one plea;
    Only in Jesus in the grace of God’s love,
    Made fit for God and life, and fit for heaven above.

    S is for sure, the work it’s been done,
    All’s left for us, is to enter in;
    Repent of your sin, believe in God’s Son,
    Assured of his glory, and an end of sin.

    Jimmy Hamilton – Written November 2015


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