Matthew Epperson

How Did I Get Sick by Matthew Epperson

Sunday, I was fine. Monday, my throat started itching and my nose got congested. Tuesday, I was sweating while getting my hair cut. Tuesday night, I couldn’t sleep because I was freezing, in and pain, and couldn’t breathe. Wednesday morning, I layed around reading ‘A Season In Purgatory’ by Dominick Dunne, and in the afternoon, I went to canteen. Thursday, as I write this, I’m only congested and have that weird, funny taste to my coffee. Wham-bam thank you ma’am. Here and gone. I barely had time to tell people that I was sick. Strange right?

Anybody else sick out there? What are you doing to hasten your health? I recommend a ton of WATER and obviously plenty of rest. What remedies do you have that can help others and/or myself? Hit me up on jpay and let me know. I’m not big on pharmaceutical aide. I try to avoid anything that enables my immune system, which isn’t always wise, but I like to think that exercise and eating right are going to be the biggest proactive defense’s I can have in life. Only my opinion.

Go see something live! (unless you’re sick… STAY HOME!)

Matthew Epperson
DOC #284812


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  1. “Ye must be born again,” he said,
    Raised from your tomb of sin and death;
    Jesus, your ever-living Head,
    He died to put in you His Breath.

    “Ye must be born again,” or stay,
    Without the true and living Bread;
    Far from His love and righteous way,
    Lost and condemned, forever dead.

    “Ye must be born again,” or be,
    Faced with God’s all-consuming ire;
    Prepared to face, the agony;
    Of being lost, forever more.

    “Ye must be born again,” he said,
    Jesus who loves and makes this plea;
    Who wants you to, by him be led,
    Cry, “God be merciful to me.”

    (© James R. Hamilton – written August 2003)


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